This difficult word outlines the study of jaw and mandible-related problems. More simply, grathology investigates the problems of proper bite fitting. When extending the field to adjacent areas like articulation of the jaws, head, neck, ears and shoulders, it takes the name of craniocervicomandibular Disorders (CCMD). The field further extends to other sectors which, at first glance, seem not to be related like posture, balance system, headache, sight, thus embracing a field known as posturology. Furthermore, gnathology tries to codify what is physiologic, that is to say the models to be adopted for patient's rehabilitation. It seems unbelievable, but opinions are still conflicting and, therefore, the schools of thought are proliferating, in their attempt to find in either direction the truth on dental occlusion. Unfortunately, the holistic vision of the problem is quite complex and still practised by only a few professionals, and still fewer are those who rely on scientific instruments for diagnosis and to check the treatment. As a famous American gnathologist said: "what has been measured is a fact, what has not been measured is an opinion!" It is a little like diagnosing a bone fracture first and then the correct bone knitting without having ever taken an X-ray! Gnathology is very difficult and complex; therefore, the clinical experience, an in-depth study of the problems to be faced and the resort to specific therapeutical diagnostic instruments are of basic importance.

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