E- Journal, revision and exchange of information about Dental Gnathology, TMD Temporo Mandibular Disorders Pathology and other pathologies connected with this one.

The site, without a view to profit, is run by a group of professionals, experts in various medical branches related to gnathology. They are forming a sort of committee that will read and examine the most interesting articles. They are specialists on gnathology, orthodontics, pain therapy, neurology, psychiatry, anestesiology, Maxillo Facial Surgery, Orthopedics, endocrinology, head, neck and body posture, osteopathy, oculistics, optometry, otorhinolaryngology, fisiotherapy, kinesiology who will comment on the texts that will be sent.

Aim sets itself to be an instrument, useful to colleagues, out of any Association and/or Academy, out of any kind of structured institute for research and university course. It's been created in order to speed up exchanges and dental knowledge among the researchers, overcoming the barrier, sometimes insuperable, of the publication on magazines that often block a research for a long time, even more than one year. is a dynamic and quick instrument that warrants the publication of articles in a very short time (on condition that the editorial rules and electronic format mentioned above are respected) or that returns the article to sender still in a short time. The reading committee does not bar anything and is open to any new or old methodology or philosophy of approach.
Whoever wants, may communicate via E-mail with the authors that engage themselves to answer to explanations, comparisons, consultations as soon as possible.

Trend applies to all the experts in TMD Temporo Mandibular Disorder and of its consequences on the whole body who wish to publish one of their scientific articles, a research (laboratory experiments, explanation of theories and revisions of literature have to be included), a case report, a clinic research or observation, the revision of an article already published. Anyway we accept even texts published on not much spread magazine (not to create useless doubles) or presented at congresses. Since we are convinced that Man is a still unknown, complex machine, any consideration or remark about articles, that are already published, is welcomed. Statistical information are not absolutely necessary, on the contrary the new methods of research that are both experimental or already improving are welcomed. should help who wants to join it to exchange ideas, information and, in case, should encourage us, although we are very far from one another, to make together new researches or experiments. Our spirit has to be the one of COLLABORATION, READINESS AND BROAD MINDEDNESS.
Moreover, there are also some informative pages in order to make the patients understand more easily the causes and the consequences of the temporo mandibular disorders, of the temporo facial pain and of the connected pathologies. These pages are written by our specialists.


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